Las Adelitas: The good Mexican place

There are not many Mexican restaurants in Prague. If you ask a local for advice on which one to try, chances are, they mention Las Adelitas.

The stylish Mexican restaurant (they actually run several but let’s concentrate on the one in Americká street) offers a chic and playful décor, easygoing atmosphere, and, of course, great food (we would not mention it here if that wasn’t a great place, that’s for sure).

Their menu is full of inviting, traditional Mexican dishes. Corn tortilla chips with various salsas, tacos, nachos served on a (hot!) skillet, enchiladas, enfrijoladas, of course quesadillas… but also a refreshing ceviche made of cod, or, for the colder days, soups to warm you and your soul.

Delivery? No problem

Las Adelitas offer a delivery service for your home or perhaps your office. Enjoy their food with your family, friends and colleagues wherever in Prague you are, but make sure you try to come next time to enjoy the ambiance!

Name: Las Adelitas

Address: Americká 8, Praha 3



Las Adelitas

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