Kogo Havelská: At home, in Italy

Kogo Havelská is a place to come and be joyful. This restaurant / bar specializes in Italian cuisine, and is able to channel some much-needed Italian spirit, too.

This means two things: First, their cuisine is first class, their ingredients are only the best, and they know how to bring joy to the fans of the Mediterranean cuisine. And second, they do casual just right. Good Italian restaurants, in general, not just in Italy, are great for this: You feel like you are visiting friends, and you relax. You might have a refined, top class menu from premium ingredients and appreciate everything about it, yet are feeling as worry-free as in a casual bistro. Have some seafood or a perfect steak and and just enjoy the good things life has to offer.

Family gatherings? For sure.

Kogo does this so good that the place became a favourite spot for larger family gatherings, and also company dinners and such. We very much agree this is a place to invite the ones you like!

Name: Kogo

Address: Havelská 27/29, Praha 1

E-mail: kogo@kogohavelska.cz

Website: https://kogohavelska.cz

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