Kofein – dreams come true

There is no need for tapas to be authentic.

Kofein is a unique tapas bar. Combinates tapas and world gastronomy. You’ll get here Asian, France, Czech, Spanish and a lot of more cuisines. Tapas in Kofein is a lifestyle, not just food. It is funky, variously, experimental and always delicious.

The most important thing is comfort

The other unique thing about Kofein is benches and chairs. You’ll get comfortable in every piece of this bar. Eighter cousins are on a high level, neither you’ll harder find a more cozy place. The open kitchen enhances, even more, this atmosphere.

At the end, Kofein offers great Spanish and Moravian wine. You’ll never make mistake if you try anyone.

Name: Kofein

Address: Nitranská 9, Praha 3

E-mail: info@ikofein.cz

Website: ikofein.cz/en/

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