Katsura. The real Japanese cuisine

Some people call Katsura the best Japanese restaurant in Prague. Their menu contains authentic, tasty foods, so much more than just sushi and a bowl of miso soup.

Enjoy exploring the many facets of Japanese culinary culture with their delicious vegetables, interestingly prepared fish or hearty pork dishes. We love that they offer a wide range of soups you can hardly get in this town. Also, the ingredients are great quality.

The boxes

Bento boxes are a traditional Japanese thing, basically it is a nice box filled with small amounts of healthy and delicious foods such as vegetables, fish, rice and so on. Katsura offers 7 types of bento boxes you can take away and enjoy them in your home, in the office, or as part of a nice picnic. Too busy still? Try their delivery service!

Name: Katsura

Address: Evropská 15, Praha 6

E-mail: restaurace@katsura.cz

Website: http://www.katsura.cz 

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