Kantýna. Let the butchers do their job.

“Dinner from the butcher,” states the web presentation of this no-frills place that is part of the renowned Ambiente group. Curious?

Worth the wait

At Kantýna, you can either buy high quality Czech meat for your own culinary escapades, or eat on the spot. They only take reservation for the “Dinnes from the butcher” option, else you just drop in, maybe wait a but at the big standing table. And it is worth the wait, because at Kantýna there are meat experts who make you super happy with their grilled pork or beef, and maybe add to your satisfaction with a good cold beer. There are other very interesting options on the menu, but since these people specialize in the grilled meat, we strongly recommend at least try what they do so expertly. You will be happy you did.

Name: Kantýna

Address: Politických vězňů 5, Praha 1

E-mail: jindrisska@modryzub.com

Website: https://www.kantyna.ambi.cz/en/

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