Kampa Park: The real luxury

Kampa Park

There are restaurants that only the connoisseurs know. And then there are some that everyone has heard of, regardless whether they have ever visited the establishment.

Kampa Park is of the latter kind, and pretty much all Czechs have heard of this chis, elegant gourmet place.

Kampa Park is big, has three terraces and takes advantage of its perfect location at the bank of the Vltava river. The view is especially beautiful in the evening, but Kampa Park is great for a midday visit too, offering impeccable dishes showing the staff’s love for the French cuisine.

The menu offers a rich selection of starters, mostly of the fish and seafood range: You can have an octopus, scallops or perhaps a bit of caviar to make your experience really luxurious. For mains, choose between a juicy steak, saddle of deer and a chicken ballotine, healthy fish, or you can try one of their vegetarian dishes. If you want a classy dessert we recommend Kampa Kir Royale with black currant, sparkling jelly and pistachio ice cream. There are other ways to touch the Kampa Park experience, such as a buffet menu for larger groups and luxurious canapés.

Kids and pets welcome

Although Kampa park is elegant and sophisticated, the guests are welcome to bring their children (who will receive a kids menu and a suitable chair upon arrival) and pets.

Name: Kampa Park

Address: Na Kampě 8b, Praha 1

E-mail: nils@kampagroup.com

Website: http://www.kampagroup.com/kampa-park/

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