Kalina Kampa: The beauty and the feast

Kalina is a legendary name in Prague. The chef Mirek Kalina has a status of a Czech culinary star, and his restaurants are places when you go to really, really treat yourself.

Kalina Kampa has an advantage of a beautiful setting: From its garden you can see the one and only Charles Bridge so you enjoy Kalina’s refined, creative dishes in the most romantic way possible. Be prepared for an interesting combination of traditional European food and a welcome spark of creativity.

The feast worth experiencing

It is worth noting that the dishes are the key and that there is a plethora of reasons to go in winter, too: The restaurant offers, for instance, wine tastings (with great pairing of food and wine), or a traditional winter pig feast that has been a big Czech tradition for ages, and, Mirek Kalina delivers a perfect take on this, that is just modern enough to sound interesting, but traditional enough to evoke that warmth and homey feeling.

Name: Kalina Kampa

Address: Říční 1, Praha 1

E-mail: kampa@kalinarestaurant.cz

Website: https://kalinarestaurant.cz/?lang=en

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