Kalina Anežka: Where food meets art

Kalina Anežka is a rare case where a restaurant is located inside a building that is also a gallery.

The artful bites

Having a restaurant in the very centre of a historical city is a way to attract customers that just somehow happen to be around. But Kalina Anežka is a part of Kalina, a minigroup of famous gourmet restaurants, so please expect something completely different than a touristy place with generic food that is not really inspiring.

As you can see in reviews from the visitors, people are coming here to have a gourmet experience – because they know Kalina is good. The fans have followed the restaurant after their more from a nearby Dlouhá street to have some great quality food (the dishes are international, and we especially like the ones with a French flair) and something from their well-curated wine list. Our tip is to go here when the weather is nice because their outside seating area elevates your experience even more.   

Name: Kalina Anežka

Address: Anežská 5, Praha 1

E-mail: info@kalinarestaurant.cz

Website: https://kalinarestaurant.cz/kalina-anezka/?lang=en

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