Grand Cru: The golden chef

There are several celebrity chefs in Prague, and Jan Punčochář is one of the brightest star of this business. He regularly wins the prestigious Golden Cook award, as voted by the journalists and bloggers specializing in local gastronomy.

Inventive, bright and full of optimism, this star chef makes it look pretty simple: Choose great ingredients, which can be locally sourced but don’t have to be: After all, the Czech climate is good only for some plants and animals, and if you want the best, you might want to look elsewhere. Then, learn as much as you can about how they work and how they combine with other things. Have a good team and make sure they have a good place to work, including a robust air condition. Sounds simple, right? Well you might need to add a lot of hard work of course, a huge chunk of talent, and you have to love this. Will you be as good as Jan? We have no idea but we love what he does.

His meals are always great, seasonal and they make sense in terms of ingredients. In winter, you can have Venison saddle, pumpkin salad with cramberries and “Pinot Noir sauce”, or the chef’s signature Quail stuffed with duck meat, dill sauce with boletus and potato dumpling, for instance. Try for yourself and don’t miss out on the caramel egg as dessert!

The wine, the wine

If you love wine, you are in for a treat. This place is famous for the wine selection and we love that they offer an impressive list of winy by the glass. Many visitors these days prefer drinking less but having a top quality, so it is great to see they have a lot to choose from.

Name: Grand Cru

Address: Lodecká 4, Praha 1



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