Field. It’s a Michelin thing


Radek Kašpárek might be a name well known to real foodies in Prague and beyond, and if you never heard of him you might indeed recognize the name Field, the restaurant in the old town.


This inventive and allegedly stubborn and strict chef has been working so hard and protecting his concept of cooking that his restaurant gained him a Michelin star (repeatedly).

The Michelin guide notices how stylish the place is, and it is true. The food, however, is the main attraction. Field became well known and also very inspiring by their Scandinavian style of cooking and ‘returning to the roots’. The photos of their dishes show real, recognizable things – a piece of meat, a mushroom, some herbs – plus enticing sauces and juicy cubes of something… and somehow you just know it is gonna be good.

Good news for the not drinking folks

In the past few years, guests asking for non-alcoholic beverages in the restaurant have much better options than previously. Restaurants now also offer non-alcoholic pairing alongside the wines when you order degustation menus, and Field does this too, rather brilliantly. Their drinks utilize less common ingredients such as dill or pink peppercorns (and the usual suspects like berries or vegetables). Try this! Or just let yourself be amazed by the inventive cooking and wonderful wines: here, you can be sure they know what they are doing.

Name: Field

Address: U Milosrdných 12, Praha 1



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