Estrella: An elegant place for vegetarians

These days, Prague is one of the world’s top places for vegetarian and vegan options. You can have a quick fast food meal, a hearty multi-course menu inspired by Indian cooking, or a sit-down restaurant that is influenced by European cuisine.

Mediterranean delights

Estrella is of the latter kind. It offers Mediterranean delights including, but not limited to, the Sicilian Arancini (fried rice balls, often sold as street food in their native country), tapenade made of kalamata olives, dries tomatoes and capers, or the ever-popular feta. There are salads, risotto with asparagus and beans, and also several Asian-inspired dishes such as a thai curry with eggplant and pea pods. Estrella is modern, offers fresh food that is thoughtfully prepared, and will satisfy even the meat eaters.

Name: Estrella

Address: Opatovická 17, Praha 1



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