Cukrkávalimonáda: Not just for drinks

Cukr, káva, limonáda is an old Czech game for smaller kids, where one child recites a short nursery rhyme that goes “Sugar, coffee, lemonade, tea, rum, boom!” and this place chose the beginning of this “poem” as their name. This is not a bar just for some lemonade or rum though..

A Viennese know-how

Cukrkávalimonáda is a combination of a pastry shop and a family restaurant. The pastry–shop’s Pavel Juraška has extensive experience of Viennese confectioneries and takes custom orders too. The restaurant is meant for a quick bite – a breakfast or a light lunch perhaps, and reservations are accepted only for private occasions after closing hours. We do recommend taking a risk and popping here though: If you like high quality baked goods, this is a place to be.

Name: Cukrkávalimonáda

Address: Lázeňská 7, Praha 1



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