Cotto Crudo: The modern Italian experience

Cotto Crudo

Hotel restaurants do not always have the reputation of following trends. Often they serve tried and tested fare, good for a tired traveler but maybe not something you would visit just for the gastro experience.

The restaurant at the Prague branch of the Four Seasons hotel is different (and this address has had a great reputation since when this hotel opened, we must add). The current and contemporary, yet rich and luxurious Cotto Crudo restaurant is getting great reviews and is being considered one of the top places of Prague culinary scene for a reason.

Cotto Crudo is a stylish restaurant that proudly offers tasty Mediterranean dishes, and the executive chef Leonardo Di Clemente and his team use artisan ingredients imported from Tuscany, Piedmont, but also from other parts of the world that produce fantastic food: For instance, they chose to have Jamon Joselito, considered the best ham in the whole world, produced in Iberia, without any additives and with a great deal of care.

If you are the adventurous type, try out the Crudo, ie raw, food that gave this place its name. Fresh seafood from branzino to oyster to tuna is served raw and you will enjoy looking at the chefs working it.

The lovely view

This place offers great dishes, their tiramisù keeps customers coming back for more and it is no wonder many choose this as a place to celebrate birthdays and other bigger occasions. We recommend coming in the evening and enjoy the atmosphere of this lively yet refined place with your loved ones.

Name: Cotto Crudo

Address: Veleslavínova 2a, Praha 1



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