comedor is all about the journey. the adventure we experience every day on our travels.

we’ve been to many amazing places, we’ve seen many new things, experienced many new flavours.

we’ve tasted some of the world’s most famous and exciting foods, and we’ve enjoyed the most ordinary,

down-to-earth, yet exquisitely flavoured cooking. and we’ve dreamed of capturing these flavours,

bringing them back here, and cooking them.. paella from a beach chiringuito, mexican tortillas from

a market stall, shrimp soup from an andalusian marisqueria, a juicy steak from a mountain barbecue.

We totally agree. Comedor is a stylish and charming place where you want to return every day. From the windows, you can see a beautiful street and everything is in harmony – food. interior and people, too.


comedor is the people. the people who inspire it. who live for it every moment.

who open it up every morning and set the tables. who bring fresh fish and vegetables,

make the stock, sharpen the knives, and spill sugar all over the kitchen. who drink coffee

and listen to music. who chat. who are sometimes sad, other times full of ideas and plans

for the future. energetic and exhausted. loved and abandoned. hungry and sated.

people who take the time to do things right, because they care. they care about flavour,

about a beautiful plate, a smile, a touch. deep into the night.. night after night. comedor is us.

This is it. It is about the atmosphere. About the people. (and the food, look at these pictures!)

In Comedor, they have marvelous Spanish Cava which is great for an aperitif. Also, you should taste their delicious steaks with popular wine Luis Canas Reserva, you will not regret, trust me!

Name: Comedor

Address: Zámecká 488/20, Ostrava



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