Cali Brothers: The American Vibe

Cali Brothers is a place opened in 2019 that is one of the few restaurants in town that are dedicated to the American cuisine. Let’s take a closer look.

California eating

Californian vibe and Californian cuisine are a welcome, sunny addition to the Czech capital’s gastro scene. Situated just opposite the towering Mama Hotel, Cali Brothers (formerly a branch of Bohemia Bagel) offers steaks, mussels, oysters, and many types of sandwiches from meaty to vegan. Also a lot of types of less usual bar food such as fried avo, and of course cocktails and noncalcoholic drinks. We like this sunny and easygoing approach of this informal place and will check those avocados again soon!

Name: Cali brothers

Address: Dukelských Hrdinů 906/48, Praha 7


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