Café Jamón: A lesser-known gastro gem just outside Prague

Great gastro experience is not limited to the centre of the big cities. We would like to bring your attention to the south of Prague where there is a place called Dolní Břežany which you may already have heard of if you are into the top technologies: It is famous for laser technology centres and also very interesting modern architecture. Dolní Břežany’s good infrastructure and proximity to both nature and Prague brings a lot of visitors and residensts, so it makes sense that the gastronomy is up to par.

At Café Jamón, they consider tapas (including, of course, jamón, and accompanied by great drinks) a lifestyle. They sell fantastic jamón and also chorizo from Spain, spanish cheese including the great Manchego Viejo, and of course Spanish wine and Sangria. If you come you can also have fresh pastry, bocadillos and sweets… there is a very wide range of everything so you can enjoy tapas as such, or combined to a tasty lunch or dinner you will surely remember. Come try it!

Name: Café Jamón

Address: U náměstí 706, Dolní Břežany



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