Café de Paris: The French Place

The Lesser Square is a picturesque part of Prague. Here, you can sample a thousand views of small, cozy buildings, some of them still inhabited by old-ish locals, and dream about how life was 100 or 200 years ago. However, there are also many very, very contemporary pleasures to enjoy.

The French Times

There are not that many French restaurants in Prague, but what you can find is usually very good. Café de Paris is the place where even the less well of locals go as a treat, because their dishes are worth spending a little extra even from a less-than-stellar numbers on your pay slip.

The dishes here are the French classics: onion soup, paté, and of course meat. The star of the show is their Entrecôte „Cafe de Paris“ – a perfect with pommes frites, a salad and a french baguette. If there ever was a restaurant in Prague where most people came for the one dish, this is it!

Name: Café de Paris

Address: Velkopřevorské nám 4, Praha 1


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