Bokovka: If you are serious about wine

Bokovka is the Czech name of a famous road movie, from 2004. It was started a few years after that by a group of renowned Czech artists – filmmakers, graphic designers and such – who liked to get really great wine and share it. Later on, Tomáš Karpíšek, a super succesfull gastro enterpreneur who owns over 20 restaurants, joined their “club”.

The first incarnation of Bokovka closed down in 2014 but it was not its end: A few months after its demise, a new Bokovka opened in a courtyard of the Dlouhá street right in the middle of Prague.

A New Life

From that moment on, the new Bokovka started to live and thrive. This wine bar run by the artists offers wonderful, expertly selected wines from all over the world, and also runs an on-site fromagerie, so you can have a bite with your glas or three. Add some bread, maybe a few sardines, and be merry.

Name: Bokovka

Address: Dlouhá 37, Praha 1



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