Bistro proti proudu: From a back street to the New York Times

Březinova is not Prague’s most famous street. This little one is located in Karlín that is growing and might become even more hip and big soon (hard to imagine, we know), and started off sort of before the current boom of the bistro scene, but late enough to find customers who were interested.

A quick word

It did not take long for the Bistro Proti Proudu to become famous. It is not unusual to be featured in the Czech media if you have nice food and a nice design, but it is less common to be featured in the New York Times – which happened a few years ago. We like to see a place that has a beautiful yet comfortable interior, all day breakfast-like foods, great coffee and an all-round friendly vibe to be seen in renowned international media, and we are glad that the people who gave this place so much work run it for us and seem to plan to continue!

Name: Bistro proti proudu

Address: Březinova 22, Praha 8



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