Bistro L: The quick yet good food

Bistro L: The quick yet good food

In Prague, there are more bistros and “better” fast food places now than ever before (in the whole history of the city, that is). Good news. Let’s take a look at this one.

The good takeaway

Bistro L offers sandwiches and pasta dishes you can also take away to your home, office, or for a trip. You can have them on the spot too, though, so drop in for a quick lunch or a breakfast that gives you energy until lunchtime.

You can build your sandwich here, and we are happy to report you can do so with the top quality ingredients. Not just any ham, but the spanish jamón, not just any salami, but real chorizo. This is how we like to eat when we are in a hurry but want to avoid junk food!

Name: Bistro L

Address: Purkyňova 2, Praha 1


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