Bellevue: Understated luxury


Bellevue prides itself in its creativity. Indeed, even the tableware is of unusual shapes (although it does observe the rule of being all white). Their menu brings together the traditions of fine European dining and the current culinary trends.

They offer the type of quiet luxury that the more seasoned diners appreciate and we like them for that.

Dine with wine

You can have the scrumptious foie gras with red cabbage risotto and apples or beef tartar with Jerusalem artichoke and black truffle. That is for starters.

The main courses menu offers more hearty options such as a venison saddle with chestnuts as well as the lighter zucchini cannelloni. Homemade sorbets and/or an éclair with Piedmont hazelnuts, all accompanied with carefully curated wines, might be a perfect finish to your luxurious evening out.

Name: Bellevue

Address: Smetanovo nábřeží 18, Praha 1



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