Banh-Mi-Ba: The famous Vietnamese chain

Bánh mì is a type of Vietnamese sandwich that became famous for the yum factor. It always consists of a baguette (that had been long time ago introduced to Vietnam by the French, and changed by Vietnamese so it includes rice flour which makes the bread more fluffy) and various savoury fillings such as meat, herbs, mayo, pickled vegetables… the list is endless, and these baguettes are a popular street food in Vietnam.

The fresh idea

Czechs love baguettes with fillings and so it is not a big surprise that their Vietnamese counterparts have become very popular over here. At Banh-Mi-Ba, they insist on freshness, no microwaving, no monosodium glutamate – and it shows. The yummy, aromatic ingredients (lots of cilantro!) and the heartiness of their baguettes along with some other great dishes such as the revered pho soup… if you are a fan of all things fresh, you will feel happy here.

Name: Banh-Mi-Ba

Address: Thámova 19, Praha 8

Jankovcova 8, Praha 7

Panská 9, Praha 1

Rybná 26, Praha 1



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