Asian Places in Prague: Recommended restaurants and more

Asian cuisine is big in Europe and Prague is right now going through a time when there are new oned popping up almost every day. How can one tell which ones are good? We have a few tips for the tried, tested and great.


One of the first Asian restaurants in the modern era of Prague’s gastronomy (opened in 2009) and still amongst the best. A rich fusion of several cuisines from the South East Asia, a menu that is always evolving and the impeccable décor. We keep coming back for more.

Name: SaSaZu

Address: Bubenské nábřeží 306, Praha 7




Some call Katsura the best Japanese restaurant in Prague. We like that they bring the lesser known Japanese dishes to our town.  Are you a soup lover? They offer a range of soups that is much wider than what we usually see here.

Also, Katsura offers 7 types of bento boxes you can take away. Great!

Name: Katsura

Address: Dejvická 15, Praha 6



Buddha Bar

This is another good place, part of the famous chain. Asian Fusion, central location, great brunches, a creative chef. The signature Buddha Bar dishes you know from all over the world, and several new ones. Not feeling like dining? Thy their bar with interesting cocktails.

Name: Buddha Bar

Address: Jakubská 8, Praha 1




Another succesful example of Asian cuisine with a twist. The influences vary from Japanese to Indian or Korean. We keep coming for their specials, ie a week of ramen or a collaboration with another restaurant that benefits both.

Their signature dish is the Peking duck.

Name: Sia

Address: V Celnici 1034/6, Praha 1




In a hurry? Love street food? Go here. Bánh mì is a type of Vietnamese sandwich that became famous worldwide. At Banh-Mi-Ba, they insist on freshness, no microwaving, no monosodium glutamate and many yummy, aromatic ingredients (lots of cilantro!) – perfect for a quick bite if you are on the run..

Name: Banh-Mi-Ba

Address: Thámova 19, Praha 8

Jankovcova 8, Praha 7

Panská 9, Praha 1

Rybná 26, Praha 1



Tamarind Tree

Tamarind Tree became famous for their pop-up presence at Prague’s markets and now run a small bistro at Vyšehradská street, near Sabores. It is a popular choice for lunches. We keep coming back for their noodles bit what people love are also their dim sum dumplings which are becoming very popular in Prague right now. They have several types and we like them for that.

Name: Tamarind Tree

Address: Vyšehradská 43, Praha 2



Modrý Zub

Thai food from meats to desserts, also noodle and rice dishes from Laos or India. Another case where a place that started out amongst the first stays amongst the best. Did we mention their soups? You must thy those. They also have takeaway and delivery services.

Name: Modrý Zub

Address: Jindřišská 5, Praha 1

Spálená 29, Praha 1

Dlouhá 21, Praha 1

Stroupežnického 14, Praha 5



QQ Asian Kitchen: The friendships shows

This modern place features dishes from across Asia, utilizing as inspiration both street and comfort foods. The chefs Nyoman Purnata and Lee Chang have lived in Prague since 2008, and recently opened first restaurant, QQ Asian Kitchen.

Name: QQ Asian Kitchen

Address: Ladova 3, Praha 2


Miyabi Sushi:

Japanese food is not just sushi and perhaps a bowl of miso soup. That we can tell. If you want to know more about this colourful “genre”, you might want to try a real, good japanese restaurant that honors the traditions. Miyabi delivers on this front. And We like to see that the restaurant is always reflecting things like the New Year celebrations according to the Japanese, or the First of May celebrations.

Name: Miyabi

Address: Navrátilova 10, Praha 1



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