Andělský pivovar: The beer, and more.

“Pivovar” means “brewery” in the beautiful Czech language, and this place offers that, but not just that.

The Czech touch

Andělský pivovar is a so-called mini brewery that doubles as a restaurant, and this is not exactly a mini one – they can accommodate up to 120 guests. The offer of beers is always changing, and the cuisine too, but we do have some tips for you, and hope you can encounter them when you pop into this casual restaurant: The (very healthy!) pickled cabbage becomes a south-bohemian speciality called “Zelňáky” which goes so good with beer and is also a pretty economical choice. The pulled duck is great when you feel like having a proper, ultra satisfying meal. Pork fans? Have their ribs with a hot bread and a wonderful roast garlic dip, and just enjoy life.

Name: Andělský pivovar

Address: Lidická 30, Praha 5



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