Alcron. Only the best is good enough


There has been a hype around the Alcron for… many years. And there is a reason why the popularity of this upscale, luxurious and just great restaurant does not wane.

The Alcron hotel and its restaurant called La Rotonde is just about being the top. Indulgent, luxurious, and famous for their creative chefs, the Alcron will deliver even when you are one of those people who have visited the world’s top places and expect the best.

Go ahead and try a 3-course to 7-course dinner menu with wine pairing, or experience a lunch like no other with their lunch options. Here you can trust that the chef Roman Paulus will provide you with a top experience combining the best of the world’s gastronomy.

Let yourself learn

The Alcron is offering cooking classes for the public. Perhaps you want to know how the top chefs do it, or are looking for an extra special present for your boss?

Name: Alcron

Address: Štěpánská 40, Praha 1



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