Agave Restaurant: The Mexican spirit

Agave is a famous plant native to the hot regions of Mexico. Agave restaurant brings numerous famous Mexican dishes (hot and not hot) to Prague, and does so very well.

Tacos, burritos, mezcal and margaritas, you know the works. Well-known, but not always as well made as here. Also, daily fresh ceviche you will not find in many places of this town. Of course they have nachos, including a sweet nacho dish with ice cream. All made with great care, seasonally and meticulously.

You get lighter dishes in the warm months, and more substantial ones in the winter, such as the hearty duck Burrito Pato or tacos de Cerdo with pork. Makes a lot of sense.

An island to visit

The owners strive to bring their beloved Mexican style to this not-always-hot city. The promise on their website, “Agave is your island of Mexican spirit in the heart of Prague,” is not an empty one.

Name: Agave Restaurant

Address: Masná 2, Praha 1



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