4 Tapas Places in Prague you should see

Tapas are pretty big these days. Prague is not exactly full of tapas bars, but there are several places we can recommend.



Sabores is a shop, a bistro, and let us say they also have an eshop with delicious offerings of food, drinks and accesories from Spain.

You can come here to shop for various delicacies (Spanish ham, cheese, chips, salt…) , and also to taste these heavenly things. So you can choose, for instance, several kinds of cheese, some olives, try them all and then perhaps buy a bigger amount for your next house party. Tip: You might not have come here for coffee, but you should try theirs. They have top beans from various renowned sources and you will feel happy and energized after you try a cup!

Name: Sabores

Address: Vyšehradská 414/6, Praha 2

E-mail: info@edelikatesy.cz

Website: http://www.sabores.cz


La Cava Valenciana

This is one of those hidden gems you might not otherwise know.

La Cava Valenciana is an informal, easygoing place that offers Valencian cuisine. They offer a variety of tapas that is much wider than what one typically encounters in Prague. We especially like that they have hot tapas such as albondigas (meatballs) or camarones al ajillo (shrimps in garlic sauce). Of course there is cheese, olives, jamón (ham) and chorizo.

Name: La Cava Valenciana

Address: Radlická 1C, Praha 5

E-mail: info@la-cava-valenciana.cz

Website: https://la-cava-valenciana.cz


Tapas Bar Miró

If you want to have an authentic tapas experience, Tapas Bar Miró is a place we recommend to visit.

We like bot their hot and cold tapas. Try their jamón iberico, pulpo a la Gallega (octopus with potatoes) or the albondigas ( meatballs in tomato sauce). And make sure you have room left for their Crema Catalana!

Name: Tapas Bar Miró

Address: Štefánikova 46, Praha 5

E-mail: info@tapasbarmiro.cz

Website: http://www.tapasbarmiro.cz


Café Jamón

Just south of Prague there is a former village, not a top technology centre with a very good quality of living, Dolní Břežany. Buses from the city go there often, and of course you can take a car if you decide to visit.

One of the many reasons you should is called Café Jamón. Apart from coffee and fresh pastry that you would expect here, they offer an unusually wide selection of tapas (jamón, chorizo, cheese), and also Spanish wine and even Sangri that is a great thing for a balmy evening.

Name: Café Jamón

Address: U náměstí 706, Dolní Břežany

E-mail: cafejamon@cafebarcelona.cz

Website: www.cafe-jamon.cz

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