4 Nice Cafés in Prague and beyond

We love enjoying a good cup of coffee in Prague. And today we can recommend four nice places for this.


IF Cafe

Iveta Fabešová, the owner of this sweet place, is a keen pastry and cake maker who has also published several recipe books. IF Cafe is a mini-chain with four branches in the centre of the city. “A modern confectionery” is what she calls it. IF Café is elegant but homey, a good balance between the easygoing and a bit extraordinary, complete with sleek coffee cups with “IF” on them.

Name: IF Café

Address: Belgická 30, Praha 2

Tylovo náměstí 2, Praha 2

U Sovových mlýnů 7, Praha 7

Jungmannova 30/21, Praha 1

E-mail: ifcafe@ivetafabesova.cz

Website: http://ifcafe.cz


Café Elektric

A modern café in the very centre of Prague, a bit hidden (so we ask for your attention when you are in the centre!).

Apart from the usual assortment that you would expect in a café, these people offer an interesting selection of dishes that may as well be your lunch. They happily cater for vegetarians and vegans and in the afternoon, they offer happy hour with various special offers..

Name: Café Elektric

Address: Ovocný trh 6, Praha 1

E-mail: info@cafe-elektric.cz

Website: http://www.cafe-elektric.cz/


Mama Coffee Vodičkova

Another mini-chain with a good reputation.

Mama Coffee roast their own beans and have been running several cafés. Their biggest one in Vodičkova Street boasts two floors and a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes. They have been going for many years and still manage to have full house.

Name: Mamma Coffee

Address: Vodičkova 6, Praha 1

E-mail: daniel.kolsky@mamacoffee.cz

Website: https://www.mamacoffee.cz


Národní kavárna

We like places that bring a sense of calm into the bustling city. Národní kavárna is in the middle of the Národní street which is in the middle of Prague, yet there is a kind of calm vibe here. We can surely appreciate that.

Národní kavárna also has history. There has been a café in these premises since 1896, and its current name dates back to the 1923. You can drop in to have a nice breakfast in the morning, or have a proper meal such as a duck confit.

Name: Národní kavárna

Address: Národní 11, Praha 1

E-mail: narodnikavarna.info@gmail.com

Website: https://www.narodnikavarna.cz

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